Dave visits in about 1974, he's the older one
I have a great affinity for Walt Disney World. 
I was in Kindergarten when WDW first opened its doors.  I lived in South Florida, and my parents took me to visit about 6 months after the park opened.  No doubt about it: I was hooked from that first visit.  There was something about the charm, the attention to detail, and yes, the magic of it all that drew me in.
Dave's the styling older brother.  Man the 70s were great!
Growing up, we visited at least once a year on family trips.  Plus, there were assorted school trips, and other opportunities to visit that kept me coming back.  I stayed at every resort that was open at the time, and visited EPCOT on opening day. 
My college years were spent in Orlando, and I became a MUCH more frequent visitor to the parks.  Rather than once a year, it was more like once a week.  It was awesome. 
One cool thing I attempted was to eat at *every* restaurant on Disney property...Did I do it? Check out my podcasts to find out! I created a 5-part series to tell the tale.
In 1992, I became a CM, woking in the Emporium as a "casual seasonal" person, working into a fulltime role over time.  So many stories to tell about that time, and it was a great experience. 
But, life sometimes takes interesting turns, and I moved back to South Florida in 1994, and I became a less frequent guest.
But the great part about living in South Florida is that I'm only a few hours away, so I can still take somewhat regular trips - and occasional single-day trips - to the parks.
Riding the Grand Prix around 1990.
Now, my children are showing that same great passion, and I enjoy going with them and seeing it through their eyes.
I put up this site to always remember the magic and wonder.  And so I won't ever stop being that little guy who visited the park in early 1972.
Plus, it gives me a means to host a podcast about Walt Disney World - something I had been thinking about for years...
Feel free to drop me an email - to the website at Dave@DisneyPodcast.net or as you hear on the podcast DavesDisneyView@gmail.com. I'll get it either way. If you have ideas for podcasts, I'm always interested. If you just want to chat about Disney, I'm good with that too. And if you want to do the secret CastMember handshake, I've got you covered.